1-14-18 Kailua Kona Hawaii Surfing 4K 60 fps Panasonic GH5

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Some fun surfing from Kailua Kona, The Big Island of Hawaii.
I won’t be naming the locations as I post these videos. They’re titled by the date so if you surfed that day check to see if you’re in any of them.

Photos from these dates and many more can be viewed on my website under the heading “Surfing”.

Shot with my Panasonic GH5 and the Leica 100 – 400mm (200-800mm). Dual image stabilization.

Shot using a tripod. Now I shoot these videos handheld as its easier to get fluid motion and to track the surfers.

This was also shot before Panasonic released two software updates. The latest one in Oct 2018 pretty much fixed any issues there may have been. 99% of my focus issues are user error.

I’ll have several more surfing videos coming along with some bike riding videos showing how well the new GoPro Hero 7 stabilization works. Driving and walking too.

The volcano stopped months ago and it could be years before it gets going again. I have tons of other videos I’ve been wanting to make so, now I can get busy on them.

That’s is once I’m all recovered from health issues that involved 3 surgeries in the last year. Recovery from the latest one is going slow so, be patient. I might not be back to my old self until early 2019. This has slowed me down the past few years.
My adventures are usually pretty extreme so I need to be back in top shape before heading out into areas with no communication.

Trying to surf again after all this time is a big challenge.

Thanks for your patience and for subscribing.


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