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Cine Art presents, “Hawaii”, Copyright 1937, Hollywood Film Enterprises Inc. This silent, tinted travelogue is intended to show the viewer the wonderful sights of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands from a tourist’s perspective. The film opens on a large tall mast ship sailing into the sun :25. Title screen: Diamond Head, near our journey’s end – a landmark dear to the heart of every Hawaiian. A view through binoculars looking at a mountain: 47. Title screen: Past Waikiki Beach, the world’s greatest year–round playground. An ocean liner is seen in the distance from the beach 1:00. Title screen: World-famous Waikiki with its palatial hotels passes in full review as the great white ship glides towards Honolulu Harbor. Hotels can be seen over the harbor 1:27. Title screen: The approach to the harbor affords a picturesque inset of old Hawaiian life and customs. People swimming next to outrigger canoes 1:48. Tourists board the ship and pose for the camera 2:09. Title screen: The way to our hotel is along streets framed with a myriad flowering trees. Cars go down a tree-lined street 2:28. Title screen: Through the portals of a great beach hostelry. People dine on the beach under an umbrella 2:40. A grand hotel can be seen with outrigger canoes out in front 2:55. Men surf next to outrigger canoe 3:05. The outrigger canoe rides the waves 3:25. Surfers take the waves 3:55. The beach is jampacked with swimmers 4:05. Title screen: The colored fish at Waikiki make one doubt the truth as revealed by his own eyes. Underwater shots of tropical fish 4:30. Title screen: But one’s surroundings are different every minute of the day – motoring in the spot along such roads as these is blissful indeed. The tree-lined street 5:17. A car comes down a beautiful tree-lined street 5:30. Title screen: The Orient adds its touch to the already colorful picture. An Asian woman with a small umbrella smiles at the camera 5:40. An Asian Temple 5:50. Title screen: Chinese laborer plowing a rice field. A water buffalo is the motive power. A man knee-deep in a field behind a water buffalo 6:18. Men in the rice paddies 6:35. Title screen: On the island of Maui, “The Valley Isle”, we paused for a brief view of impressive Iao Valley and its Needle. The Iao Valley and a small spring waterfall 7:02. Title screen: The road to the volcano of Kilauea is framed with jungles of tree fern. Title screen: The country of Pelé the Hawaiian volcano goddess. The crater of the volcano is shown with steam at the top 7:35. Title screen: In the spot where she makes her home – the fire pit of Kilauea. Steam and lava are shown 7:53. Title screen: Adventure isn’t dead yet. Try your hand at exploration through a 1400-foot lava tube which runs hundreds of feet underground. Tourists explore the lava tube 8:26. Title screen: On Kauai, “the garden Isle”, Waimea Canyon rivals the Grand Canyon in magnificence of coloring. Sweeping views of mountains and valleys and volcanoes 8:52. Title screen: Kealakekua Bay where Captain Cook, discoverer of the island, made his headquarters. Title screen: And white waves sing in endless Symphony to the palm – fringed beaches of black lava sand. Waves crash over the rocks 9:30. Title screen: Not all spectacular attributes belong to the lava fields. Here is a water volcano in action – Blow holes on Kawai. Water shoots out of a hole between the rocks 8:15. Title screen: Through old Hawaii – an overnight sail from Honolulu. Title screen: Onomea Arch, a natural bridge formation. Title screen: Once again on the island of Oahu. It was at the Battle of Nuuanu Pali that Kamehameha the Great made himself ruler of all Hawaii. The view from the top of the precipice is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Title screen: Maybe Darwin spoke too soon. Man shimmies up a coconut tree 11:15. Man plays a ukulele with a dog 12:03. Title screen: Warm perfumes like a breath of vine and tree drift down the darkness. Sunset amidst the palm trees 12:30. Title screen: Everything must have an end so we say goodbye and board our ship. The ship leaves port 12:50. Title screen: behind us the happy Isles and “a song to hold in memory”.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD and 2k. For more information visit