This silent black and white travelogue film “Hawaii” was produced by Castle Films in the 1940s as part of “The World Parade” documentary series. The film displays segment cards. “After languid peaceful days on sapphire seas – Hawaii.” A cruise ship the SS Lurline is seen in the distance through palm trees and people waiting wave as the ship approaches (:20-:45). “A typical welcome, with proverbial ginger-blossom leis.” Women in a family greet each other with kisses and puts leis on their necks. An elderly couple wearing leis look out over Hawaii and the camera pans the city (:46-2:12). “A noted landmark Aloha Tower” is shown (2:13-2:23). “The Old Palace Monument to royalty of other days.” The Iolani Palace is shown from multiple angles. A 1940 Chevy Business Coupe passes, as do other cars (2:24-3:00). “The Statue of King Kamehameha stands before the Court House.” A lei dangles from the statue’s outstretched hand (3:01-3:22). “Duke Kahanamoku, the Islands’ Ambassador of Good Will” (3:23-3:40). “Exotic flowers of rare perfume.” A woman wearing a headscarf smells a group of flowers. Palm leaves sway and a native climbs the trunk of a tall one using his hands and feet. Back at the bottom, he holds a large number of coconuts (3:41-4:50). “Kilauea – world’s largest active volcano.” The camera pans across the top, with some smoldering steam (4:52-5:15). “Seen at night, grumbling, like an angry giant.” Bubbling hot molten lava is shown up-close (5:17-6:00). “The Hula-Hula danced to the rhythm of soft guitars.” The women perform seated, wearing traditional Hula costumes, using ii (poms) and puili bamboo dance sticks. Children watch as the Hula dancers are now standing (6:02-7:11). “Famous Waikiki Beach and towering Diamond Head.” Distant views are shown of the volcano and swimmers on the beach. A man carries a surfboard by (7:14-8:00). “Surfboard riding – first sport of Hawaii.” From a side angle, a group of surfers stand and ride their boards in (8:02-8:35). “Over the sea in native canoes.” Men carry an outrigger canoe to the water. Canoes and surfers share the water (8:37-9:50). “The sun and trade winds are ever gentle here.” Shown are the palm trees swaying, a bird’s-eye view of the beach bathers, and up-close people under a beach umbrella (9:52-10:42). “Expert riders defy the high-running sea.” Surfers ride the waves, ride on shoulders, and one steps over onto another’s board (10:44-11:39). “Paradise in Mid-Pacific.” The palm trees blow and the decks of the cruise ship can be seen (11:41-11:59). “Til we meet again, aloha oe.” People on shore wave goodbye to those on the ship’s decks. Hula dancers perform and a hut is shown (12:01-12:39). Two women wave goodbye to Diamond Head from a deck. The volcano is framed through dark leaves (12:40-13:00).

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