1. Love Honolua! But surfing there is for experts only. Powerful current… rocky, and you could get sucked into the cave. I've witnessed plenty injuries and broken boards! Know before you go 😉

  2. does anyone know if its possible to move to Hawaii by any chance??? its my dream to move there .. I visit my friend over there .. but idk if its possible to move from Canada to Hawaii ….if anyone knows thatd be awesome

  3. Yeah maybe paia bay or hookipa but those waves are usually over 5 feet because of windswells. But there are plenty in Lahaina(west side). Every 100 yards there is a fun wave.

  4. You wont be able to surf 5ft waves. It is a LOT more difficult than you think. I have been bodyboarding for 4 years and I can only drop in on 8 ft waves. And since it is your first time surfing it will be very hard getting up.

  5. In April you should stay in Wailea which is on the south side of the island. There is a surf spot called the cove. It is a very beginner type wave, and they also have surf lessons there.

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