A Surfer's Life in Hawaii (Raw Vlog)

The Smith Brothers and @Captain Potter take you around the North Shore of Oahu. They show you how to create a Tik Tok at the Sunrise Shack, Travis gives a Game Stop Stonk update, Alex and Koa have a close call surfing accident, they throw a Tiny House party and Alex unboxes the new Smith Brothers merch! #Vlog #Hawaii #Lifestyle


Filmed and edited by Michael Veltman

Photos by Trevor Moran @tallteef

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  1. Good Times brohuna like sexy North Shore waves I don't know about the food shops and just localized HQ but you know what maybe sometime in the future

  2. Hey 🤙🏽 , can I ask what beach y'all are at towards the end of this vlog? Which ever one is right in front of one of yalls houses lol.

  3. Ahhhh amazing waves I always watch amazed riding the heavy waves with heavy music like Delta Parole or with relaxing music videos in background. If crazy like then always heavy tho

  4. ✝️I pray everyone can accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! God is always there to listen and help. You can comment if you have questions! Passion City church on YouTube is so good I think!✝️

  5. I love surfing as much as you do guys. I wish you great waves, barrels and of course a lot of smiles and happiness. Greetings from Spain

  6. ahhh i’m going to hawaii first week of march, definitely gonna have to learn how to surf 🏄🏻‍♀️🤙🏼

  7. I look forward to the Smith bros. every week! I’ve been following you guys for about a year. I don’t have social media. I go out of my way to watch something repetitively that I’m into. I really love seeing you three be free in all you do!

  8. I’m a surfer, I live in Hawaii, and you have to look pretty hard to find douche bags like this one. They do exist, just this level of douchery is pretty rare…

  9. Cool vlog koa and sick surf as always
    Been wondering what are the size your TC big wave surfboard you ride recently look sick?

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