1. John John florence will become the greatest tuberider who has ever lived ! Watch him do it! like Kelly slater his greatness will be revealed as the years roll by God keep him safe 😀

  2. Plenty of room. The beach slants like a stadium. The bigger the surf the smaller the beach though.

  3. @HodgsonHawaii Is it hard to get onto the beach and get a good spot to film for all contests at pipe? Do other filmers get mad when more filmers show up or are they happy to see another filmer

  4. When Mason Ho gestured towards the crowd on that backside wave every1 on the beach gasped, especially when his nose almost dug soon after. It was my 1st time on the North Shore and it was dope

  5. I was there during this competition. Conditions were just alright. Video makes it look better than it was

  6. Super good PH! Billy Kemper's ride was insane. The water color is so beautiful & love the very mellow music. Happy 2 year anniversary of your ripping, shredding, rad channel!

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