Australian pro surfer Mikey Wright saves woman struggling in Hawaii surf

Australian pro surfer Mikey Wright has been filmed saving a beachgoer who was struggling in the surf on Oahu’s north shore. Wright, who was in Hawaii for the Pipeline Masters event, posted footage of the rescue on Instagram with the caption: “hold my beer”. Although other beachgoers could be seen trying to help and reach the struggling swimmer, the current was too strong until Wright stepped in

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  1. Okay I have very little experience with the ocean as I am land locked but is that really that dangerous was she knocked out or tired from swimming? She wasn’t moving very much. I don’t understand and they were so close to the beach. I have no comprehension of why this wasn’t a stand up and walk out of the water scenario. But clearly if a pro surfer says it wasn’t safe then. So can someone explain as to what the ocean was doing and why it would’ve been hard to get out is the current there strong idk.

  2. Ever notice that in the vast majority of these types of video its always MEN who are doing the saving? Very rarely do you ever see a woman stick her neck out for another human being.

  3. Nice work, he held her up above the water and turned his back to the wave so that he took the brunt of the imapct.

  4. The unspoken hero award goes to whoever designed the blondes bikini top. How that thing didn’t spill its contents is a miracle in itself.

  5. Arghhh…. toxic masculinity at it again, woman can do it because we are "Stronk independent Whamen"


  6. Surfers save countless beachgoers every year! I have saved multiple beachgoers from certain drowning. It just comes with being a surfer.

  7. One selfish person's choice to take an unnecessarily close photo could have cost 5 other's their lives. See it all the time in Florida. Thank you Mr. Wright for Intervening.

  8. Thank you to this news video that just showed the clip & we didn't have to sit through the news commenters. I subscribed because of that.

  9. That's his sister, pro surfer Tyler Wright, in the bikini showing him where to come ashore – that's surf lifesaving training, I think…

  10. is moral obligation of a surfer, with a board in his hands, to try to rescue a person in danger. Congratulations to the surfer for his bravery! Aloha

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