GoPro HD Sunny Garcia surfing Sunset Beach Hawaii

This is 2000 World Champion surfer sunny Garcia surfing Sunset Beach Hawaii, where he has won the Triple Crown of Surfing. He is surfig with a GoPro HD on his surfboard. If you want to see more surfers using GoPro cameras please subscribe to my Hodgson Hawaii YouTube channel. Thanks…Pete

Jesse Billauer surfing Honolulu Hawaii

This is surfer Jessie Billauer having a great surf session with friends in Honolulu Hawaii. For more of Jesse’s exploits and his cause check out

GoPro HD Kalani Robb's surfer lifestyle in Hawaii

This is Pro Surfer Kalani Robb taking you for a surf session on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. We used the GoPro HD cameras to make this and we hope you enjoy it. If you would like to see more surfing, Hawaii, Kalani Robb or the GoPro HD camera in action just go to… Continue reading GoPro HD Kalani Robb's surfer lifestyle in Hawaii