Best Tow Surf Session In Jaws History? January 16th, 2021 – Layer, Lenny, Florence, Dupont, and More

January 16th, 2021. An insane XXL Swell shows up to the north shores of the Hawaiian Islands. While people were paddling bombs on the outer reefs of Oahu. A legendary Tow Session took place at Peahi aka Jaws. The best big wave riders in the world scoring giant waves in extremest windy conditions. From 12 year old “baby” Steve Roberson was surfing in the morning getting towed in by 2 time WSL big wave tour champion Makua Rothman. Albee Layer looking healthy on the tow board. Nathan Florence getting massive waves all day while brother John John Florence was getting insane backside barrels over on Oahu. The Walsh brothers (Ian, Shaun, D.K) catching huge waves. Guys going left. JUSTINE DUPONTS BARREL. Tyler Larronde just charging all day. The Kai Lenny Show. And so much more. With the winds being super strong it was hard to get the drone shots. I managed to get a few really solid ones. Sorry for the tiny spots in some of the clips from the lens. I should of cleaned it mid day! Filmed from 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM.
Enjoy Watching 16 min of amazing Surfing live from Jaws on Super Swell Saturday.
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video from the next day paddle session


  1. Check out the new pipeline edit

    January 16th, 2021 Jaws Edit Key / Link for the next day edit ⬇️

    Made a few mistakes with names while editing! Mixed up a few of Eli Olsons waves with Nathan Florence's. Thankyou all for watching!
    Also heaviest crash of the day at 15:32 goes to Wind Surfer Adam Warchol
    Forgot to name Billy Kemper at 8:56 and 12:08

    0:05 – Steve Roberson launching the ski
    0:18 – Billy Kemper launching the ski
    0:33 – Kai Lenny Barrel
    0:50 – Brad Domke Biggest Wave at jaws on a skimboard
    1:19 – Tyler Larronde
    1:40 – Shaun Walsh and Tyler Larronde
    1:54 Tyler Larronde
    2:10 – Albee Layer
    2:27 – Tyler Larronde
    2:44 – Shaun Walsh
    2:55 – Ian Walsh
    3:05 – Eli Olson
    3:18 – Kai Lenny
    3:32 – Z Schettewi
    3:50 – Ian Walsh
    4:33 – Kai Lenny
    4:40 – (baby) Steve Roberson (12 years old)
    4:52 – Justine Duponts barrel of the day
    5:16 – Ian Walsh and Niccolo Porcella
    5:31 – Nathan Florence
    6:04 – Eli Olson
    6:24 – Adam Amin
    6:32 – Eli Olson
    6:43 – Steve Roberson
    7:07 – Kai Lenny
    8:04 – Kai Kenny
    8:30 – Ian Walsh
    9:53 – Makua Rothman goes right and fransisco porcella goes left
    10:38 – Ian Walsh
    11:40 – Makua Rothman
    12:0516:47 Raw Clips
    13:25 – Makua Rothman
    14:14 – Ian Walsh
    14:44 – Kai Lenny
    15:05 – Makua Rothman
    15:19 – Ian Walsh
    15:43 – Makua Rothman
    16:15 – Kai Lenny
    16:38 – Billy Kemper getting stuff dialed in

  2. Eddie contest day aka Brock Swell was the best tow session perfect conditions that day and extra large hit the 30ft plus level. Day they called off contest because was too big was nuts also

  3. Ok I’ve seen enough …. this channel is top notch . Great vids , awesome soundtracks . I subscribed !! Good work !!

  4. It would be far better without the music since you actually want to listen to the sounds of waves breaking and listen to the sounds of nature

  5. How can a regular guy like me get out there on a boat or ski to watch and feel the power close up. I promise I won't get in the way. This is some of the best footage I have ever seen, one of the best days ever?

  6. First song is the most appropriate surf video music i've ever found on youtube, matches so well with the scene. The singer beginning singing at 1:05 makes the wave magic.

  7. I don't know if I should thank you or be mad. Why? You are getting me hooked on watching these videos. LOL This was a joyride to watch and if I had a fan and water spraying on me, I would feel like I was there. Did the kite surfer get injured when they fell or when the other surfer fell on top of them? I had to watch at a slower speed because I couldn't figure out how the kite surfers body came out of nowhere but then I realized it was a different person! INSANE! THANKS!!!

  8. The poor bastard going over the falls just after the windsurfer bails….may be the ugliest wipeout of all time. The weightless feeling of dread……interview THAT GUY PLEASE.

  9. Every time I watch these type of videos my heart is filled With Envy and discussed. I hope I get to enjoy life the way these guys get to before I die!

  10. That was so fun to watch. I've never surfed, but it looks like one of the funnest activities on the Earth. Also found a new band. Buzzcocks.

  11. Great video, love how you picked the Who to open it, perfect fit! Biggest waves I've ever seen at Hawaii…just huge!

  12. I thoroughly enjoy good surf videos like this one. What I don't get is how so many surf video creators seem to feel that their work is somehow enhanced with the reliably cheesy "music" appended to them. I for one would enjoy these so much more if the posters could find a way to record the sounds of the ocean during these incredible rides and just leave out the sonic garbage.

  13. I'm watching this white knuckling my chair and sweating. So sick, can anyone tell me how big the face is on those waves? I'm guessing 50-60ft

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