BIG AIRS Big Carves SHALLOW REEF | Raw Surf Footage w/ Timestamps | North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

0:00 Conner Coffin
0:09 Seth Moniz
0:15 Rio Waida
0:57 Ezekiel Lau
2:30 Jesse Mendes
3:10 Parker Coffin
3:19 Tatiana Weston-Webb
3:30 Jesse Mendes
3:40 Tatiana Weston-Webb
3:55 Unidentified Ripper
4:12 Levi Slawson
4:16 Conner Coffin & Kade Matson
5:20 Crosby Colapinto
5:59 Griffin Colapinto
6:17 Eli Hanneman & Jett Schilling
7:12 Mason Ho
7:25 Seth Moniz
7:54 Keanu Asing
8:15 Cody Young
8:28 Robert Grilho
8:33 Jake Marshall
8:53 Parker Coffin
8:58 Imaikalani Devault
9:17 Ezekiel Lau
9:29 Cody Young
9:38 Imaikalani Devault
9:47 Lucas Owston
10:04 Robert Grilho
10:09 Cole Houshmand
10:16 Eala Stewart
10:25 Cole Houshmand
10:30 Makai McNamara
10:47 Unidentified Ripper
10:51 Barak Maor
10:57 Unidentified Rippers
11:16 Conner Coffin
11:25 Eala Stewart
11:38 Robert Grilho
11:54 Cody Young
12:00 Unidentified Ripper
12:05 Koa Rothman
12:11 Anthony Walsh
12:16 Kaulana Apo
12:21 Unidentified Rippers
12:58 Ian Crane


  1. Your vids are the best! I really enjoy the way you film. It has a raw, I'm sitting there watching it feel! Thank you for the stoke!

  2. All these surfers are great but I wonna see you shred ma braddah⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ where’s ODL in all these?

  3. Zeke has really matured, hope he can go and really do well on the CT in 2022. He's got what it takes if he can stay focused, full support for him, it's always tough for the Hawaiians when they have to leave home

  4. Hey Brozz, hop a flight to the Big Island and get some Mauna Kea powder. Short runs but now is time for the ultimate experience in Hawaii when you can ride Monica even on a sponge or anything that you can get some snow going. 🤞🏻✌️

  5. Trick question!!! Maybe Zeke. They all had some sick ones. Another absolutely firing video. Thanks so much.

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