Big Saturday 1/16/21 XXL Surf North Shore – Oahu – Hawaii

Had the privilege to ride a couple of the best big waves of my life today here on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i…this fast rising 20 seconds NW Swell with 15-25’+ Hawaiian size (20-40 foot face) provided amazing surf and the black belt waterman out there did put on a show surfing the outer reefs. Close out sets, lost and damaged jet skis and hopefully nobody seriously injured. Stay salty every one. Safety first!
All filmed and edited by myself on my IPhone 12 Pro.
I’m Fellipe from Kiteboarding Paradise Hawaii – @kiteboardingparadisehawaii – I provide surfing, tow in surf, kitesurfing, kiteboard, wakeboarding and hydrofoiling lessons/sessions/coaching/safety.


  1. I can't believe that I swam on the North Shore in these waves as a child 8 to 14 years old. Tell that I'm old I don't think I could ever again. But oh how I love and miss it

  2. I always watch the ocean stuff riding the heavy waves with heavy music like SoaD or Delta Parole or with relaxing music videos in background. If crazy like then always heavy tho

  3. Mind Blown, the biggest most beautiful I've ever seen Oahu, tingling head to toe watching this it's so epic. great capture Thanks for sharing!

  4. guessing this is Himalayas & Laniakea … we lived on the rip in-between in the 60’s so these were my breaks when my size small :))) … and we did see it one time this big … but horrible conditions … so I am stunned by the absolute perfect conditions and gorgeous waves … rare NS jewels to behold … beautiful footage free of stupid music! … mahalo nui! … no place like NS … miss it but NOT all the crowds! … amount of jet skis has grown insane!

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