1. Hands down, no other feeling in the world!! The air smell's better, the food taste better, and your comade seems sweater after a session like that! Peelers? The Bay on a medium day breaking more inside, you can't ask for much more!

  2. Are these guys flipping the rider off? I've seen a few people paddling out stick out their arms at the surfer

  3. Tracklist for everyone looking for it.

    1. Tohar Piyar Odhaniya – Guddu Lal Yadav
    2. Dependant intensity – Wha Happnin
    3. Endless Funk(original mix) – Cameron McInnes

    The same three songs are repeated for the entirety of the video.

  4. I see many asking fore music scores. I believe a list is in order? As a thanks for the free music thing.. Other than that, Wow what a video! It's my new morning TV 😀

  5. It's Honolulu bay MAUI
    But when and if you get there please know your place and greet every one with respect.

  6. lots of agro going down,,,Big snaking wednesday,,,some of it looks like "i dont care,fuck you ,im goin""AND fuckin WAT"",,, It is Hawaii but,,! just get JOB in the line up, he,ll sort em out,,,,, yeah man this is a really good movie,,, gets mee sycked up ,,,cool n thank you

  7. ive surfed here before and man there was so much respect for anyone out there no one cut me off or nor did i see any get cut off, good times i will never forget

  8. It's very rare I get envious …. but watching some of these guys doing that all day is a test for me. Thanks for posting – awesome video.

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