#BigWave #Surfing #Hawaii #SONY #4K

03.18.2019 #BigWaveSurfing #Hawaii #SONY #4K #bigscreen
extra large late winter swell impacts the islands at 20ft / 16secs sending plenty of big wave surf. local & visiting chargers were on sight for the spectacle. legendary surfers michael ho & nathan fletcher along with local legends were charging. thumbnail photo by #DoomaPhotos


  1. I use to surf Honolua many years ago when in Maui for work. I’m very fair skinned so would cake my face in sunblock. The locals would look at me as if I had arrived from another planet. By waiting my turn and never try to nick a wave they would let me have a few. After I picked off possibly the set of the day, on a big day, they all became way more friendly.

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