BOMBS at SUNSET BEACH HAWAII and Surfing John John's Foil Board with a SINGLE FIN

SUNSET BEACH GOES OFF later in the episode and trying out John John Florence Foil Board with a SINGLE FIN ! If you are reading this please take a second and just subscribe it helps the channel alot ! Also leave a comment and like the video , much love !

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Filmed by Case Colonell


  1. Anybody who reads this, you’re a legend and I appreciate you for watching our videos!! If you haven’t already please subscribe and help us grow!! Stay safe and healthy guys! much love, Aloha

  2. What about how to catch a barrel video haha I liked the bit you speak and explain the people story and what it is special with the spot yewww

  3. Dig your vibe man. More humble than the other vloggers and stoked to see you do some outreach. Was wondering if you skate. I see you working on airs all the time. Surfing and skating go hand in hand and imo you can’t get really good at one without working on the other. Would be stoked to see some footy of you at Banzai or Sheepside or any private bowls over there. You’re a blessed dude to grow up there and have all that family and rad friends. Don’t ever forget that. Cheers from Portland, Oregon

  4. Eli can you fill us in on the sizes and waves you like the DHD boards and I notice you use Pyzels @ pipe and big stuff.Im assuming you simply cant go past an Aussie board right? or is there some more to this story right now lol,

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