1. Love your videos. Could you guys talk some about lineup etiquette and localism, how it works and your view on it? Would love to learn to surf, but I really don’t eant to start as a beginner and mess it up.

  2. haha I also have a hard time surfing in the cold. Unfortunately I live in the Netherlands where we surf mostly with temperatures around 10-20 degrees celsius..

  3. I wonder if it is hard being married to someone who rips at surfing? I know my wife does not like to do anything I am really good at. Alana rips in her own right but Jack is just incredible. I love watching him surf! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m so glad you guys were talking about vata! I had to rewind. He’s predominantly pitta and you’re predominantly vata. You should try coconut oil on his feet/head/ears at night. Coconut oil is super cooling.

  5. We like your videos but the sound levels are way too far apart. Music is about 4x louder than dialogue, making it hard to listen to. The problem is that the music is probably stereo and your microphone is mono. Thus, the music must be reduced by 6db (half) because you have 2 channels of energy vs the 1 in your mic. Please try to equalize things more! It is a struggle to follow and we usually lose much of the dialog because it is too soft in comparison. I'm a former Hollywood editor and it is necessary to keep levels relatively consistent. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  6. Hotel toddler ideas. When you get to your hotel go buy a few things of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, painters tape, cheap shaving cream large zip lock bags.
    Painters tape: make roads on the floor with the tape, hopscotch, make targets on the walls and throw balls made of foil at them, write words, shapes, colors on tape and stick them all around have a race to see who can find it. Make an obstacle course with just tape.
    You can make costumes out of these materials.
    Ask the kitchen for plastic cutlery, paper plates, bowls and a stapler. You can make musical instruments.
    Shaving cream in the bathtub fingerpainting.
    If your hotel room has an iron board, lean it against the wall, makes a great ramp for cars.
    Take a lampshade off a lamp, turn it upsidedown and use it for basketball.
    Shadow puppets (ask hotel for flashlights)
    Ask hotel to save a big box for you. Kids love to play in a box!
    Ask for extra sheets and build a fort
    Education.com is a great website I use to home school my kids

  7. Alana I think I told you this story before but one more time I was 25 pregnant with my only son skating boarding 5mile to beach and back 5mile in Florida keys swimming running golfing off up to 6mos.one day 6mos. In 3mos. To go I felt ugh no more skate so I rode bike and the day before I gave birth older nieghbors lady seen me on my bike when u due I said tomorrow her jaw dropped my don was born next day healthy. Watch at 6 mos. Or whatever everyone is differant you already had Banks so you know.In tune moms with their body know when to tweak it down .Banks will get some mom time building sandcastles and attention and he will see bump bigger and know hes going to be a brother.Enjoy the time with Banks and new baby they say they can hear in the womb.so Lucky girl Get Banks and watch Jack perfect those airs.So proud of you 2.

  8. I've followed John Florance since he came into comp.alreafy was following Kelly Slater as they came up and coming I'm going to be 62 so I can say this from interviews from Alex Florance and Nathan Florence John's brother John at 2 went could not be stopped Nathan said he did not take to it like that but when he did he was young he went head on look at him now I have no doubt Banks with his Gene's and environment will be a top surfer he he chooses that's the thing you guys allow him freedom to choose .Great parenting .Your awesome people.

  9. I love Kauai. I live on the Big Island for the last 20 years and moved here when I was 25. But i was in Kauai when I was 21 for a visit and fell in love with the lifestyle. I have raised 2 children here on the BI. You guys have a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing.

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