1. I wish I could stretch like that. Keep your heart open and do not forget to speak up for the creatures of the ocean.Amen.

  2. Hi Tia! I saw your recent cruiser skateboard video on TikTok. I was curious what brand board that was? Thanks!

  3. Stoked to see your day in the life vids thanks 🤙🏾 loving the song choice at the beginning btw!? Colours of the wind, made me think, you should totally do a Pocahontas inspired painting, the pink clouds actually reminded me of it already. But perhaps next could be one with the leaves which blow around in that song in the movie, ya know what I mean?? Lots of pinks/purples amber with a pink sky, you would totally kill that!

  4. awwiiiee, my heart is so happy after watching this lil vid. I deactivated my Instagram a couple of months ago so i miss seeing you on there but watching this made me smile. I'm glad to see you're doing really and diving into new hobbies n passions that feel right to you. makes my heart full as ever!! 5:59 is also a lol <3 <3

    love the concept of Ikigai – it can be really difficult to have this mindset when you don't love your line of work, school, etc but its so important to find your calling / reason for jumping out of bed in the morning and being able to work towards things that motivate you to revel in and appreciate life every day. its definitely a practice on hard days but such a good one

    ty for uploading this. watching your videos always make me smile. whether it's content related to surfing, vegan, traveling or any day-to-day shenanigans, these videos are so real and authentic! i hope hawaii is treating you nicely.

    oceanside misses you :')

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