Discover Life Inside The World Surfing Tour Bubble | NO CONTEST Hawai'i 2021

Watch Part 1 of our 2-part No Contest Hawai’i Special. You’ll get a backstage pass to the strangest Hawai’ian winter in pro surfing history while spending a day with Volcom House legend Tai Van Dyke as he indulges his latest hobby to a lesson on localism with Jack Robinson.

Read all about it (AND get an early look at Part 2!) right here 👉

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  2. Equal platforms?
    How does it make sense to pay women in pro sports like surfing like they are competing a) on mens level b) against 2/3 less competition c) attracting smaller amounts of viewers & sponsors ?

  3. It is commendable really the way the whole covid testing dilemma is being managed there in Hawaii. Taking no chances and with so many people from foreign soils coming into the community for such an event. It is a lot of testing but hats off to them all.

  4. Those Honolulu Bay waves the girls were surfing were epic!!! I wish I lived near surf like that.

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  6. This video was embarrassing…
    Aside from a few un masked people, it was BAD…

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  8. It’s like walking up to any sport arena ie football field, basketball court, golf course…let them know you want to play but you’ll wait your turn

  9. This is funny to me because at Kaiser’s you have a trial they make you go on the other side of the wedge and if you make the barrel you earned respect

  10. Thumbs down for associating this sport with the mask. They’re about to paddle out for God sakes!

  11. Really well made video. Definitely raises the bar on what can be expected. Both highly entertaining and informative. Kudos.

  12. I have always secretly hoped to live to see the day when people would finally just call him John instead of John John. Hey no shit not disrespecting his name or family identity and all but if anyone's not being cool it's someone that expects or wants people to have to say John John. Ok ok ? Ok so I have no idea if JJF expects wants or whatever so my bad but still John John that's like saying FANG FANG BANG BANG oh ah oh ah oh ah….xoxoxo
    Miss you Fang Fang come back soon.
    Little John
    John Boy Boy George JJ Curious George Bullet Tooth George or was it Tony I think it was Tony…Bullet Tooth tony Not Tony the Tiger or Tiger Woods Speaking of Woods
    50 bucks to anyone who can tell me Why Thai Stick disappeared from the market in the late 80's?

    Fang Fang Bang Bang Say's Piss on Biden.

  13. My buddy Baha Rob RIP was eaten by a shark in Hawaii 2021. RIP Rob.. my last vision of you was on a big right in Bali.

  14. @2,41 that momentary lack of judgment broke a back, while the inside ski pointed it to shore. What a great video thank you.

  15. So good i want to go rn ahhh amazing waves gotta keep myself over I always watch amazed riding the heavy waves with heavy music like Delta Parole or with relaxing music videos in background.

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