Dog Surfing Video made Headline News in Hawaii – Waikiki K9 Surf

A rescue surf dog made headline news by charging pumped up surf in Honolulu while riding a Blue Planet surfboard. Hawaii News Now featured the video captured by @DarinMiyashiro808 showing a tandem surfing dog named Phoenix hanging ten and catching a tennis ball mid-wave.

The dog owner, J Tyler Landon, surfs with his dog regularly on the south shore and even teaches others how to do the same. Watch till the end to learn his best tips and tricks for teaching your dog how to surf.

Tips & Tricks, Best Waves, and Headline News from a Honolulu Dog Surf Duo.

Dog surfing has been around since the 1930s, the earliest origin can be traced to a silent film called, “On the Waves in Waikiki” which depicted a surfer named Phillip Auna riding a wooden surfboard with his terrier, Nighthawk riding the nose.

Today, there are serval competitions including the World Dog Surfing Championships in Northern California, the Going to the Dogs SURFUR Competition in Waikiki, and the Helen Woodward Dog Surf A Thon in San Diego.

J Tyler’s Lead Surf Dog is named Phoenix, she is 3.5 years old, a chocolate labrador mix with pitbull. She is 50 lbs, loves tennis balls and hanging ten. Their favorite board to surf with is called the 12’0 Tuf Tec from Blue Planet Surf. Nicknamed The Polynesian Nose Rider, the 12’0 is 26.5 inches wide, with 194 Liters in floatation. It is a thermal molded board, which means it has a thermal molded shell with 15 kilograms per cubic meter EPS Foam. Blue Planet makes them with a 3’4 Deck pad, and also no deck pad if you prefer wax. The link below to Blue Planets Website for more info on the 12’0.

When getting started with Dog Surfing here are three main tips:

1. Your dog’s safety comes first. Get them a life jacket, and practice swimming in the water. If they don’t like being in the water just yet, spend time on the shoreline with treats and their favorite toy. You can also try placing them on a stand-up paddleboard to help bridge the gap.

2. The right board goes a long way. Get a board-specific for Dog Surfing. J Tyler Recommends getting a longboard, that’s wide, thick, and stable. Also, make sure to provide enough traction for your dog. A deck pad is recommended.

3. Go Slow, comfortability takes time. Especially for dogs who aren’t familiar with the ocean, surfing can be a mental challenge. But Surfing definitely is something they can conquer, and when they do, you’ll see a massive positive change in their awareness and demeanor. Take it slow, start with small waves, and practice having your dog hop on and off the board. Set a regular routine to go into the water together, make the experience positive, and have fun!

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