Epic day in Hawaii, while MTB shredding I met Jamie O’Brien and it got crazy with side by side backflips and huge gaps, We then went foil surfing in Haleiwa and had some huge crashes!

Hawaii is epic, the skatepark here is called Banzai Rocks and is situated across from Pipeline and backdoor which is a world famous surf spot here on the Oahu island. While me and Max Fredriksson were shredding our mountain bikes in this sick park Jamie O’brien turned up with Poopies and things got crazy! We ended up doing side by side flips and towing poopies into huge fence gaps. It was so awesome that these guys turned up because JOB then suggested we go back to his house grab out the Jetski’s and go foil surfing in Haleiwa. This was such a great experience, I watch the JOB VLOGS all the time and I’ve also wanted to try foiling for ages!

Go watch these guys here:




I hope you enjoy the video!



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