1. They "won't" change the flyer." 😂

    Something tells me something happened between Koonoo and the people that own the surf lesson company.

  2. He's become larger than Koonu but this was the first time I saw Paul Rudd and it's still his best role!

  3. My name is Jimmy 😒 What's my Hawaiian name…also Every Christmas I go outside and sing the weather is weather 🗣🎶🎙and dance 🕺🏼…. In front of my neighbors who looked like this😐 at me🙎‍♂️🙎🏻‍♀️

  4. My favorite Paul Rudd role a carefree surfer instructor
    I want to aspire to be this kind of happy and relaxed someday

  5. I saw him beat up a guy with a starfish..Okay that’s ridiculous how do you know?

    That guy was me…

  6. Best scene is 10mins later when he meets him in a bar and Kunu has forgotten him, and when he explains who he is he just responds back, "hey that's cool man!"

  7. Paul Rudd is such a great improv actor. "The weather outside is… weather." I laugh so hard at that for some reason.

  8. Don’t do anything…nothing…pop up ….well you gotta do more than that, you, you look like you’re boogie boarding

  9. its hilarious because really he had a point, youre supposed to just pop up, with like as little movement as you possibly can.. mostly pushing with your arms…

    and also.. the weather outside IS weather.

  10. this whole holiday season ive been singing "oh the whether outside is whether " and couldn't for the life of me remember where i go it from. At last im reminded i stole it from kunu.

  11. lol thought he was gonna smoke weed with him…" only one cure for that…weed!…got any?…no…..oh..well lets go surfing". lol scavenger smokers these days

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