1. Yeah I recently moved to Japan and am really missing living in Hawaii. This is probably the hardest place to predict good surf of anywhere I lived. Sometimes we only get a two hour window and it’s totally flat or shedded by undesirable winds. This spot is all about wind direction, as long there’s swell accompanying that wind. Get some fun ones for me, best regards from Japan!

  2. Mason rulz crazy sick board with the mase/fanning fins spray job is nutts ripping🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  3. Living the dream daily. Nothing's better than seeing Mase getting all fired up in the green room

  4. How do helicopters fly when the propeller is going so slow and how do dudes that BIG rip so hard?

  5. Worth watching just for the tunes. Looks like a few little poundings at pounders. lol. Free fins and leashes now? That wide round-tail will be good for those peaks, but won't drive down the line like your old fish. Even da blalah was getting barreled. Too nice. Mele Karisimasu (from da kepe's)

  6. There's a spot on Kauai's south shore that breaks just like this. It's on the inside of a wave called 1st break. I've messaged you before about a wave that breaks around here . It's right in front of a kiddie park with a rock barrier to stop the waves from coming in. The wave that breaks in front of the barrier is a perfect peak that no one surfs because of some rocks that are in the way when you go down the line. It would really cool to watch you surf this wave since you basically you have no fear of rocks or any kind of obstacles in your way. Your fucking crazy! Be safe have fun and Merry Christmas 🎄

  7. Merry Christmas braddah! Smoothest reef running, tube finding, boosting, big wave sending surfah in HI. Makes me wish I lived Oahu instead of Maui. Keep sending it!

  8. Best damn surfing in the Ho world 🌺🤙🏼🥗🎄Merry Christmas hauʻoli Kalikimaka e kuʻu hoa

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