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We have made it back to Hawaii after our long epic adventure on East coast and in California! We go straight into perfect firing waves here on the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii). I get cut by some shallow reef and explain to everyone what tube coral is.
I hope you guys are enjoying the videos!

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  1. One time I got reef under my toenail here still love this spot I suck at surfing at get worked but it kinda reminds me of Publics nothing better than a shallow reef with boils sticking out every where. To be honest once you get enough Hawaiian tattoos the others don’t hurt as much any more but keep them clean because staph is a bitch

  2. What’s the story with the reef/coral at RP? What’s the tip of the day for surfing Rocky point if you’ve never surf there before.?

  3. Ahhhh so good i want rn ahhh amazing waves gotta keep myself over I always watch amazed riding the heavy waves with heavy music like Delta Parole or with relaxing music videos in background.

  4. Yepp..chickiens, everyone should have them no doubt. Easiest pet ever that makes you breakfast to boot. .

  5. What a difference a good wave makes because you are killing it at home compared to when you where in Newport . All being said the waves in Newps suck !!!!!

  6. Those Açaí bowls looked incredible and man Hawaii is so beautiful. I love my life here in South Florida. I feel blessed just to live by the beach. All my family is here so I can’t see myself moving any time soon but if I ever leave it will be for Hawaii. Love to see how much you appreciate it. Love the positive vibes 🤙

  7. Hi Koa. I really really really like to move and work and live there and say hello to you all the time. I have an associate's degree.

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