Hawaii Surfing Big Waves SONY 4K

Hawaii Surfing Big Waves SONY 4K
amazing swell hits & the usual suspects were out wrangling bombs. it was like the wild wild west out there & all the cowboys tring to land a couple bombs. but at 6-8ft waves, it wasnt easy even for the experienced chargers but when you meet power with power, youll see them land a couple. thumbnail by #doomaphotos henry dusty payne will hunt kevin sullivn douglas joy luke nils adolfson randy welch micah nickens shaun lopez kai lenny kalani david


  1. Great video, some really good rides. I’m surprised that nobody got run over! Ya come shootin down a wave, and there’s 10 people at the bottom. Now THAT takes skill!

  2. Didn't wait long enough…parking lot was a give-a-way. Every once in a while someone will start from the outside and ride all the way past the cave. The cave is the real deal. Love that wave. Used to park at the river mouth and paddle from there, through the pontoon of the big cat mored in the bay, to the line up. Sublime…

  3. Who is that on the green board, always tubed, super attacking style, feet planted like glue? Several waves including the very last one. Damned fierce!

  4. Love your video… But where is the Beefs T.V. guy commentator? "Sixty—eighttttttttttttttttttttt… foooootttt…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt! Snaaaaaaaaapers!"

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