Hawaii Surfing Maui

Hawaii Surfing Maui Local Rippers Enjoying Their Home Break Uncrowded.


  1. The Americans are crowding out Hawaii with no right to be here! They come to Hawaii assuming they have same rights as Hawaiians! Guess what ? They have no rights at all!!!!Hawaiians everything is kapu to foreigners !!! Enforce the kapu all over Hawaii!!!!Its our kuliana!!!!!And all the south Americans too!!!!! Hawaiians we own it who said they can come!!!! who???Wheres the consent?

  2. OMG!!!! The guy with long hair and the one in the neon board shorts…

    total hot-boys! Luv the baby surfers… Awe…

    the waves jumping over the rocks was like whoa….
    my tummy tightened up though,everytime other surfers were in their line of surf…. Yikes!

    my house has got to be so I can watch my surfers all….. Day!
    Awesome video! Nice work!
    Sharing!!! Aloha!!!

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