Hawaiian Roots – Surf history

Nobody knows were the Polynesians began to surf. Fact is, the Pacific Ocean is the birthplace of surfing. Hawaiians may have lost their kingdom but surfers, have been the leaders in a struggle for environmental and cultural rebirth. They may have been pushed off the land, but have not yet lost the waves. Their surfing roots go back thousands of years, when chants and songs began to honour surfing. Today native surfers still rule the surfing world passing on their Hawaiian spirit and always referring to their Hawaiian roots and values. Their stories lead the way. Here’s a historical flashback.


  1. Im sorry y’all but the origins of Surfing came from Peru 🇵🇪 Before polynesians even settled on the island. Soon after Europeans only recorded Polynesians surfing thus giving them credit on the skinny boards they used. I love surfing but y’all gotta get the facts straight and not use “origins” if you aren’t factual. Use “modern” surfing Instead perhaps

  2. O'HAN'A'–What? 100 years old, I'am. You are haule hacks. I don't see, American Indians as, this fool, or other Americans?

  3. Dumb Ha'ole (A) Vikings 1900BC, however, if you were to do a real search.
    Hawaiians have Chants of surfing, 2100BC,,, Study, research, not just flap your lips w/out any REAL cultural research.

  4. Surfing was brought to Hawaii by the Vikings in 1900BC as they were the first to hang ten and utilize primitive carbon fiber technologies. the Hawaiians at that point were floating in on felled palm trees until the Europeans showed them how to ride waves.

  5. To see how it has evolved till this day… Wow. But I can never forget my roots. Learned from a longboard and staying with the longboard.

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