1. Raw footage > edited footage👌. It's smooth to see it pretty much how you would if you were there in person & idk, maybe it's just me but there's something so entertaining about watching dudes go over the falls & get pounded lol been there, done that😂😅🤣

  2. The sheer beauty of the ocean and the great skill of these surfers is awesome. It is also soothing to watch.

  3. moved to California for the waves.. 50 years ago.. endlessly fascinating.. and.. I think I figured out the secret of eternal youth… see 👀 you soon;;☆》

  4. Must be exhilarating, even to wipe out. I barely have the balls to go out at 5 feet, I give these guys props. Especially loving the bodyboarders here.

  5. Great video clips, some nice rides and some very bad looking wipe outs right in the impact zone. I have been to Pipe. Very scary and the wave jacks straight up so quickly, the rock/coral bottom is visible constantly. The locals have the place wired and are fearless. Vey impressive.

  6. tak = tokyo–> I will, take your life! Yes! we will! hawai= look,see nazi salutes.
    And this, isn't tokyo! Okinawa- I've been there- twice! Swt– System went, for training- wes pac!
    Pach– Powerful judge, gave you- plenty of, terrorism charges!

  7. Ça change de voir pipeline degeulasse !!! C est gros mais c est pourrie !!! Ça change de l'image parfaite de la vague qui déferle avec son bon gros tube!!!👍👍👍

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