This late 1950s-early 1960s color travelogue film “Honolulu Profile of Democracy” is Paul Hoefler Productions. It emphasizes the many different assimilated cultures who live peacefully together rather than the ‘native’ approach. A cruise ship is surrounded by sailboats as it approaches Honolulu (:49-1:18). Waikiki Beach is full of sunbathers in the foreground and a view of Diamond Head in the background (1:19) A motorized outrigger canoe is shown (1:33). A 1950s Chrysler DeSoto Deluxe and Chevy Bel Air are at a hotel (1:54). Women in 1950s clothing, including one in a floral muumuu, cross a busy street (2:18-2:29). A car drives along the rugged coastline of Oahu (3:02-3:17). It passes a tall field of sugar cane (3:18-3:30). Pineapple is being harvested by people loading onto the conveyer belt of the large mechanical machine mounted on a truck (3:32-3:45). Hickam Air Force Base is located adjacent to Pearl Harbor (3:46-4:04). The SS Orcades ocean liner is shown at the dock ( 4:06-4:22). The statue of King Kamehameha overlooks King Street; its graphical pictures at the base are also shown (4:35-5:00). The Iolani Palace was built in 1882 as his residence and is located by the State Capital (5:01-5:10). A 1950s pink and white Ford Parklane Station Wagon turns the corner at the Ala Moana Mall, followed by a 1950 Chevrolet Bel Air and station wagon with a rack on top. Architecture, sculptures, bamboo walkways, and the parking deck are shown at the Mall (5:31-6:19). A Cadillac Eldorado, with fins, is shown at (6:20). Women ride the outside escalator and a man rides the indoor escalator (6:27-6:40). He walks past the window displays. Inside is a view of a 1950s higher end shoe store. He is shown in suit and tie trying shoes on a woman (6:41-7:16). A woman in a floral muumuu wipes her home’s windows (7:30). The inside of the post office service windows (9:02). The family eats a meal in the lanai (8:34-8:44). Mail is loaded into a 1940s U.S. Mail truck. We see the postman deliver mail to stores and residential mailboxes (8:47-9:58). Women pick flowers from a Hybiscus plant (10:02-10:15). A “Dry Goods Center” sign also has Oriental symbols on it (10:36). A woman buys Chinese vegetables (11:09-11:23). A group of high school students enjoy a picnic (11:25-12:08). 1950s cars drive in front of rugged mountains to Kailua. They pass the Nu’uanu Pali cliff and areas of red volcanic cliffs (12:27-13:16). School children run out of framed Quonset huts to the playground (13:31-13:52). A family makes Christmas trees by spray painting areca palm twigs and hanging bulbs on it (13:55-14:13). Waikiki has the International Marketplace for shopping in Polynesian motif boutiques (14:15)

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  1. Ironic, since their "constitution" is literally referred to as the "bayonet constitution". They were forced to join the Union. And have petitioned the world court (and won, several times) to be able to revert back to a monarchy.
    but the US keeps denying it to them. What with several nuclear subs and aircraft carriers constantly parked in Pearl Harbor…

  2. I remember being driven along the old part of the Pali Road, as Mrs. Fernandez's 1957 Plymouth is shown doing at 12:39. I thought it was scary. That would've been right when this movie was filmed.

  3. Ala Moana Center opened in August 1959. Mike Cohen parks his 1959 Cadillac there, which would've been on sale from late 1958 to the middle of 1959. The vehicles have white on red Hawaii license plates, which were replaced at the start of 1961. So this movie likely was shot during 1960.

  4. Thank you so much for preserving this and sharing it. My grandparents have both passed on and I still think about them a lot. It was so nice to see them here again. Thank you.

  5. If only the rest of the country was so accepting racially at this time. We would be so far ahead of ourselves right now.

  6. The film looks like it's from 1959 based on the newest car I could spot. Multiculturalism seams to have worked in Hawaii for decades, yet on the mainland , many Americans are still suspicious of it.

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