Hurricane Lane Surfing Hawaii 08.22.2018 SONY 4K

surfing rawnuncut hurricane lane i paddled out at 2ft & swell rose to 4ft within 1hr1/2 to 3-4ft half the wind you see here makeable screamers on a 10ft singlefin sup. til the wind came up & got out and shot video. enjoy. aloha malama mahalo surfing hawaii 08.22.2018 SONY 4K


  1. Ive been there on that day. Right by that exact tree. When I heard about hurricane lane I was worried.

  2. I don't know bro. When the old spirits are doing Big Ceromonies,line hurricanes and lightening,thunder, Big strong Winds,they telling you ,not today something bad might happen to you or your family . Always Respect The Old People. Both Past And Present.

  3. It's fun to watch New England-like storm surf in Hawaii! I look forward to checking back in a day or two for more shots of the storm's progression. I would love to see a shot or two of someone stuck inside or duck diving through the impact zone. (The surfers would probably like to see that too–knowing someone is watching when they're getting hammered on by 7-second period waves. It's a lonely and despairing place to be).

  4. Great vid Brah- Nice photography, classic waves and good surfers. Screw Durban, the real "Endless Summer" is still in Hawaii

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