It's not easy being a pro surfer in Hawaii – 2011-03-29

When many people think of Hawaii they think its all beauty, suntans and beaches. When you take a closer look, you’ll see poverty, homeless and drug problems in many parts of the islands. Kala Alexander, Flynn Novak and Kalani Chapman explain. Published on 2011-03-29


  1. All of this is true. It’s almost a million dollars to buy a house on the poor side of the island. The highways is horrible

  2. Hawaiian locals/ Pacific Islanders would vote red but because we know what’s up! But liberal haoles that move here and flood are island bring their liberal politics with them keeping the state blue. Infrastructure sucks. Gas is high. Real estate is high. Property tax is crazy high. Ugly windmills ruining the scene and killing our birds. And many locals are can’t afford to buy or rent a house.

  3. There are schools there… get an education and then a job… break the no job cycle….it will cut into your surf time but you can’t have both very low percentage support themselves surfong

  4. Born and raised in Hawaii and still in Hawaii ..a basic 3 bd 1 bath is 800k-1 mill ..while wed go mainland buy a damn mansion ..most get priced out of Hawaii ..u gotta hustle and work and live sustainable ,hunt,fish and grow food ..Hawaii is a dream for most and Hawaii is my Home💯🤙🏿

  5. Whatever. It's super easy. 2 options. Be better than everybody else. Or, just be a giant asshole. Oh and don't forget to smoke ice. That helps a lot too

  6. Love the ending…if I didn’t win 50k for playing in the ocean and if I had to get a job then I wouldn’t be here right now. Dude, you better wake up soon as you headed for trouble …

  7. Being a pro surfer is a fun short cut but doesn’t usually pay off long term. Homelessness is drug addiction and mental illness exacerbated by liberal govt politics of tax and steal.

  8. Boo…hoo…try living in New York…..or where my wife grew up in the Philippines…sound like a bunch of lazy pussies….stop doing drugs

  9. Democrat policy at its best, Same here in CA. WAKE UP HI!!! Voting for the same idiots year after year doesn’t work

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