1. 3 days ago, fin cut my face , teeth was safe fortunately . Please be careful use protect things , at least soft helmet at pipelines . I am thinking to start surfing with soft fins or finless )))

  2. This came up in a news feed online and I watched it AGAIN!! Pipe is such MADNESS and beautiful at the same time! Jaime will never stop charging. Great edit Jackson.

  3. My books the best surfer in the world j…o….b…..then J…..j….f theses have the sickest footage on you tube nuff respect lads and nuff respect for the oceans

  4. It’s good to see the serious side of you and not just always the “performer”. It’s also good to show the up and coming surfers that this is a dangerous sport even for the professionals like yourself. Take care of yourself and stay psyched!

  5. – « We should create something that protect head »

    – « Come on duuude, we are surfers, we need to look cool »

  6. I think you guys should stop acting like pipe is the heaviest wave in the world just cause you live and love the wave , teahupoo is by far the heaviest.

  7. Nice footage and all, but I thought there was a story based on the title. Not cool. Just tell the truth, people appreciate that.

  8. I surfed Pipe a few years back, it was chill, not dangerous, got some rides… it was July, I can say I conquered pipe but at 0 to 1 foot lol.

  9. Jamie,
    I'm a 57 year old surfer from the East Coast, specifically Virginia Beach, VA. I have surfed the Other Banks of North Carolina around Cape Hatteras, Rodanthe and Pea Island. I just wanted to say I bet much enjoyed this video because you were so authentic. Many surfers are a bit theatrical in their manner. (Guilty) Your persona in many videos that you have produced were over the top sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. It was just extremely refreshing to see you come down for a few minutes and be so real. Thank you. Stay psyched! You are one of the mawlers out there. I appreciate your "out of the box" ideas and sharing those endeavors with us all.
    Peace bra',

  10. Congrats Jamie on your outstanding blog awards!! Well earnt and respected. Please though, at the threat of losing good longtime viewers, tone down on the click McBaity a touch bro.
    Keep em real, keeping them hungry.

  11. This is the vid that made me discover your channel and I’ve been watching ever since! Keep safe and keep up the great work

  12. Dude, it sounded like you were close to near death. That wasn't quite the right headline for your Vlog. I have been a very long time subscriber and have seen each episode where Jamie has gotten hurt so perhaps this heading should've been more PSA like ?.

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