1. Inspired several generations of us. 🖤🖤🖤 Robbie Naish is the answer to the worlds biggest basketball question. Who is better Jordan or LeBron. Man I have no idea about basketball but entire generations started playing basketball and surfing because of this guys. They changes the sport…

  2. 40 years ago I saw a video with Robby doing the pipeline. It was amazing, inspired me to start windsurfing and still does till this day. He’s an artist!

  3. My hero is still kicking hard !! From windsurfing through kitesurfing to wing foiling now !! I am planning to move to Hawaii in the near future. Then, hopefully, I can meet up with him in person !! 🥰😍🤩

  4. I love to see that you are still in shape Robby! I have not windsurfed for many years, but just watching these images makes me yearn for the good times spent on a board. By the way, that Deep House music is fantastic ……

  5. I got to spend 3 days with this legend in Cabarete in the 1980s . He was and is the nicest guy. We were out riding and he broke his fin 1 km from shore . We came back together and he was still in total control of his board and still faster than me even without a fin! We would go to lunch at el Duro bar and he was just a regular guy. Robby you may not remember me but you will always be my friend!

  6. Can you sign please this wing foil and send it to me working hard to buy one two years of saving will be send it to you mr neptune of the 20 and 21 century like a shining star

  7. robby is a real example for all of us. Still strong, brave, riding double mast high waves, but humble. That's what not only a champion but a real man is made of…

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