Jesse Billauer surfing Honolulu Hawaii

This is surfer Jessie Billauer having a great surf session with friends in Honolulu Hawaii. For more of Jesse’s exploits and his cause check out


  1. yeeeah can you ride these waves till you are at the beach or are they getin to weak at the end because you guys are pretty far away from the beach 🙂

  2. @Richestmenlist That's actually my friend that wrote that book! Small world!!! He hitchhiked to all the book signings too!!!!

  3. Great tracking Jessie. Thats so cool that you are out doing what life has. That's more than a lot of us can say. Very rad and inspirational. Thanks guys who also were part of this video! Great clip of Hawaii and the Human Spirit!!! Thanks Pete.

  4. My best friend from my skydiving years, who had an accident, might enjoy this dream that you show in this movie. Thanks for sharing that enthusiasm, it's definitely addictive!

  5. @Tomcj20067 …yea he was stoked when he wiped out and went in the water for a swim! Smiling the whole time!!

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