1. dont tell her that there's corrosive gasses near the lava… you dont run towards the ocean during an eruption. pillow lava is even far more dangerous.

  2. It’s dangerous, but it’s her risk to take. Let her enjoy what she likes doing. She seemed like she had an amazing childhood by doing adventurous things like this.

  3. A lot of the people in the comments are freaking nutcases.
    She's obviously good at this. No scars or burns on her body. No history of accidents. Discovery even made this video about her.
    Some people get thrills from skydiving, or bungie jumping and countless other perilous hobbies. This is her personal source of adrenaline and passion and if she thought she were in danger, she wouldn't be doing it. She even stated herself that she checks to see if it's safe and that she respects nature and signs telling her otherwise.
    Absolutely no reason to wish harm or detainment of this woman. I don't think it's a good idea either, a pro or not. I mean, it's lava. But I wouldn't go as far as to want her arrested or worse. Shame on you, crazy psychopaths…

  4. All this video shows us disrespect and how fucking ignorant you really are. Do the world a favor and please don't have kids

  5. This isn't Hawaiian Lava surfing, this is surfing near lava. Traditional Hawaiian Lava Surfing has more in common with bobsledding and isn't nearly as stupid/dangerous.

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