LEARN HOW TO SURF FOR BEGINNERS | surfing 101 part 3

Hey everyone! This is the very long awaited 3rd part of my SURFING 101 series where I give you my tips for learning to surf as a beginner. I hope you enjoy!
If you haven’t watched the other videos in SURFING 101, here they are:

If you want more SURFING 101 videos, comment below and tell me what you want to see.

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  1. I canโ€™t even swim and I have a huge fear of water, canโ€™t even go more than 3 inches deep without feeling like somethings under the water about to grab me. But I got a random urge to learn so step one is to get over my fear because it looks so fun

  2. I can surf a little bit
    But i can surf often bc i don't live near any beach. But surfing is the best thing and i love it
    When i am older i want to move to San Diego

  3. I am super exitedd!! this summer 2021 I'll be going to a surfing camp in teh Dominican Republic. after your video I am evenn more excitedd!!

  4. Sounds like a silly question but what do you do when youโ€™ve ridden the wave, like do you wash up on the beach and go back out again? Do you just lie back down on the board and paddle out? Do you jump off onto the sand? Please help

  5. jst a little scared of drowning, like i went to swimming school as a kid so im pretty good but that rope thingy connecting my ankle to the board might get in the way of that

  6. I'm going to alambama golf shores its a 15 hour drive im going with my grandma grandpa,aunt,brother, mom,dad,uncle,and two little cousins

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