Little Girl Surfs with Big Shark in Hawaii

8yr old Dorothy was about to surf with her friends in hawaii when a dead fish and a big shark showed up in the shallow waves! Garrett decided they shouldn’t surf but he paddled out anyways. A little bit later, Dorothy paddled out all by herself to join him!

Be safe out there people. Be smart. Learn more about sharks and wildlife so you can understand them more and fear them less.

Much love and happy adventures together!

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  1. brother just bc you see a shark doesnt mean you have to be scared of putting ur hands in the water, there will always be sharks around when u r surfing and like all the other times you and your family went surfing you werent worried bc you didnt see a shark even though they are always there.

  2. Dorothy is so brave, and so kind. She pulled her friend away and stood in front of her. She also had the courage to go into the water even if she was scared. A little shark can never stop Dorothy from doing what she loves. I'm so proud of her and I know y'all are too:). Sweet dreams my Angels;).

  3. OMG first time watching….had the sound off blowing my hair dry. I though he was a 16 yr old high school kid with a YouTube channel. LOL

  4. Enjoy, but be aware, I don't want you to end up with your arm bit off like the girl surfer BETHANY HAMILTON 💯❣

  5. I've always wanted to learn how to surf but I have fear of sharks . and anything that's in that water lol so thAt's what stops me and I've been to all the hot spots for surfing well alot of places not all lol and I payed for lessons before and seen how far u have to go out and was like shit u couldn't get me to do that lol

  6. Just watched your brave little girl surf with sharks ….. you asked what the moral of the story was? It is exactly what you said, that you learn more from her than she does you. When you raise well rounded little children and you give them all the information they need to make a decision like that, it's beautiful. Dorothy is Amazing, and that is the whole story!!

  7. The shark is right behind him on the first wave he catches u can see the sharks fin going back out to the ocean

  8. Oh and like when your surfing the shark might think your a sea lion, so they might bite you because of that.

  9. This is the reason why i dont go so far when m at the beach,i dont go so far in the ocean because im terrified a shark will bite or kill me.

  10. The beauty and strength we all see in your children reflects the hard work and love you show as parents….I am humbled by these moments…..

  11. Got to say man you are good looking but look like a woman , after seeing a shark you out playing around . Knob head . Where do you work

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