Phantom drone footage surfing huge waves at Jaws Maui, Peahi, Hawaii 2014

Phantom drone quadcopter with GoPro Hero 3+, captures huge swell that hits Maui at (Peahi) Jaws in March 2014, Huge 40 foot waves. Surfings most notorious break.


  1. Aloha i would love to use your footage for my video editing portfolio reel about Hawaii… the footage will not be sold but will show off my editing skills and you will be credited

  2. Jules, I love this video as I have a 'wave' addiction and the colors, bending water, and spray are just awesome (so are the surfers)!

  3. even though i hate drones because of their potential abuses, they DO sometimes make some really beautiful cinematography like this

  4. Cant ya get a great sense of scale closing in like that:). Views of the souroundings make for a better vid too, just get lower man,,lol:)

  5. Man! This is so Wicked dude. Such beautiful shots and such high risk flying as well! I am super Impressed…Liked and subscribed (-:

  6. Stood on the beach with my 400 mm lens shooting 35mm Ektachrome in the 60's and have marveled at the advancements in surf photography over the years.  I do see some of the limitations, with lenses and elevation, but your control over the drone, the vibrant colors, along with the great music really made this an exciting and beautiful experience. 

  7. I can tell just by looking he had a hard time focusing on the surfers, not sure if it was w.o fpv, it's super hard to focus on the surfers with the screen kit, I have a fpv kit and surfers are easy to film just the part where you have to pick who's a good surfer

  8. This is actually beautiful.
    During the romantic period, there were people who believed in the sublime – something so awe inspiring, so beautiful – so beautiful that art and literature could not express it.
    However, a man named Coleridge believed this only existed in nature. Further than that, he expressed that the sublime only existed in infinite forms, such as the ocean.
    This video is the essence of that ideology. Wow, just amazing.

  9. The bravest of the brave in my opinion. Shoots, wish I had one of those drones. The way of the future in photography. Awesome footage. I shared it on my FB. Folks in Boston would love to see this.

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