Pipeline Surfing Big Wave John John Florence, Nathan Florence, North Shore Oahu Hawaii 12/24/2021

Pipeline big wave morning surfing North Shore Oahu Hawaii.
John John Florence.Nathan Florence. Pipe Masters. Humpback Whales 🐋

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  1. Hi!My Friend🤗
    Beautiful Video😍💕

  2. Hello! I really like your video. I enjoyed watching it until the end. Thank you for sharing my friend😄👍💕 Greetings from Rossella and Umberto 👫💖 Italy

  3. Loving this channel….music on point, captures the laid back vibe that Hawaii is. I miss it so much, mahalo from Australia. Your dog is super cool.

  4. Absolutely awesome video guys! Incredible waves and surfing…I felt like I was standing on the beach at Pipeline! That music is really cool and haunting…I keep playing the video to hear it! Keep up the great work! Aloha…

  5. Stellar GORGEOUS video, mahalo … happy dog, happy horses, happy leapen’s of kohola, happy off shore surfing sweets of stunning pipe dreams nalus … when EVERYTHING is absolutely PERFECT 💞💞💞 … just made my day today! … the same day around 2pm was biggest most beautiful set of sea foam green about 6 ft Kailua Bay by Papa Kona’s … and I deeply miss my old home NS … just not the crowds & traffic 😔

  6. That pink wetsuit has its perks (and its downsides). Thanks for catching these rides. So many fun ones to watch.

  7. Some say body surfing is the purest…it ain't…well maybe….but remember if it ain't body surfing its water skiing…just look at it,"oh I love the pitter patter under my feet, more foam, more plastic…."lol🤪

  8. As I sit here in Ireland with a howling wind driving cold rain against the window this looks like heaven on earth.

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