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Episode 2 of our Welcome To Water series follows Dusty Payne on Maui as he tears apart epic Honolua Bay with some of the Volcom Hawaii crew featuring Tai Vandyke, Gavin Beschen, Imai DeVault, Kai Mana Henry and Tom Dosland. Next, we head down the road where Dusty and Mitch Coleborn dismantle a tricky high-performance left, and then it’s back to Honolua for Mitch’s backhand attack and high-speed tube time with Dusty and Kelly Slater.

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Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Tai Vandyke, Tom Dosland, Imai Devault, Gavin Beschen, Kai Mana Henry, Kelly Slater

“Global Chakra Rhythms” by Jeff the Brotherhood
Courtesy of Infinity Cat Recordings

Episode 1 – “Big Waves and Heavy Barrels in Hawaii”

Episode 3 , “Sumbawa, Indonesia”

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  1. VOLCOM is, Jonny Dep's– ownership, damn fools! And Maui = MOI, move it, dumb as! S Vietnam…
    Henceforth; you stole videos, also.

  2. Cold– soschs– Swedish once again– used as- cold temps- i have a cold– temps? You is- never cold in
    a sickness!

  3. …maalaea, the dump, shark pit, mala wharf, kaanapali point, honolua, windmills, pakukalu, kahalui harbor lefts, pier 1, Sprecks, the lane, h-poko, middles…JAWS…honomanu…and on and on and…on…no-ka-oi… Aloha nui loa… Waikiki Io Kea…

  4. What ever happened to Kalaeo Roberson or whatever his last name was? Dude was a loose cannon! Watched him pound the shit outa one haole at Pavils back in like 98’ lol

  5. N8ce Wave ride long strides into the wash an smooth transition ! Excited to ride that shore in the future ! Amazeing shot from the shoreline whomever filmed the wave shows the size and skill of the Boarders talent ! Rifft as swell video

  6. HO the likes are super low on choke surf videos…damn spoiled brats watching all kine crip videos and no can even say "Mahalo" for the free show with a click? Wow lau lau, bombye guys gonna start charging to watch if nobody gives the thumbs up…thanks for the video, Aloha from Da East Side

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