RAW DAYS | Pipeline, North Shore, Hawaii | Big waves during the New Year holidays

Mind surf trip to Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.
“RAW DAYS” is a video series featuring a day in the world’s best surf spots, raw and unedited. Which surf spot do you want to watch in the future RAW DAYS series? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

✔️ “RAW DAYS” series:

– Location –
Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

– Shooting month –
New Year holidays

– Footage by –
Jack Coleman (@jack_colemang)

– Surfer –
Koa Rothman (@koarothman)
Balaram Stack (@_balaram)
Kohl Christensen (@deepwatersurf)
Taichi Wakita (@taichiwakita_mobb)
Eli Olson (@eli_olson)
Jamie O’Brien (@whoisjob)
Daiki Matsunaga (@daiki_matsunaga_)
Gavin Beschen (@gavinbeschen808)
Andrew LaGreco (@andrewlogreco)
Mark Healey (@healeywaterops)
Anthony Walsh (@anthony_walsh_)
Nathan Florence (@nathan_florence)
Carlos Goncalves (@doncabeza)
Seth Moniz (@sethmoniz)
Joel Luteran (@joelluteran)
Daiki Matsunaga (@daiki_matsunaga_)
Kelly Slater (@kellyslater)
Cole Houshmand (@cole_houshmand)
Derek Ho (@derekho1980)
Cesar Petroni (@cesarpetroni)

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  2. This is my favorite Raw Days episode yet. It really captures how INTENSE, POWERFUL, UNPREDICTABLE, and just INSANE BIG PIPELINE IS!!!! The minimal editing, tight composition, and choice of showing not just makes, but wipeouts, empty outside sets, and slo mo make this one of the best pipe videos yet captured! I get lulled into brainwashed sleep watching endless vids of perfect waves surfed by perfect surfers on perfect boards with perfect music…. BORRRRINGGGG!!! No offense, but the Maldives RAW DAYS with Yago and Miguel almost qualifies(I know his surfing is insane, the wave so fun, but my preference is something that gets my heart pumping, and shows me something that is almost super human, pushing the sport into the next level when it comes to big, knarly barrels!!!) I have a new found respect for J O B after seeing him take some of these waves, and not make it!! This video makes me feel like I'm actually there watching it. Thanks for this one!

  3. The biggest waves of the world are in Nazaré Portugal. Hawai are small waves. There in Nazaré are Waves up to 25 meters.

  4. this is superb pipe captured nicely!! (and the peanut gallery cheering and arhhing makes it supper entertaining!!)

  5. If you survive one of those waves your life is immediately complete you can die with no regrets right then

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