Reef Hawaiian Pro: Buttons Tribute | Vans Triple Crown of Surfing | VANS

The gang pays tribute to Buttons Kaluhiokalani.


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The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is a prestigious surfing competition made up of three events: The Hawaiian Pro, Vans World Cup of Surfing, and the Pipe Masters. The series takes place annually on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. #VTCS

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Reef Hawaiian Pro: Buttons Tribute | Vans Triple Crown of Surfing | VANS


  1. I remember seeing Buttons ripping Waikiki on a "big day" when he was riding a board with a broken-off nose, riding outside "The Wall." He was about 12. The last time I saw Buttons, we were paddling out on a decent day at Chuns, and he was in front of me. He spun around and took off on a 1/2 again over head wave – way too late. I was laughing with him when he popped up after he got trounced.

  2. I use to work with him at the Hilton,he use to crack me up, he definitely had a big heart and was such a fun person to be around.

  3. I always loved Buttons………..He was way ahead of everyone's moves. He had a feel of the ocean that was unique to him. Even the star surfers like Shaun Thompson, in my opinion, could not touch him. Buttons did NOT get the recognition he truly deserved nor the countless victories he should have acquired in competition. He was an innovator of the sport. LONG LIVE BUTTONS!!!!!!

  4. Tube la dicha de en los 80 tener una tabla local moción que era de buttons cuándo estuvo aquí en costa rica

  5. Such an honor I get to meet him and live with him with his girlfriend friend and kids on north shore ❤️ such a good man.. Mahalo uncle Button!

  6. Buttone as soon as i saw him and the way he was happy about his new LIFE I will talk to him in
    HEAVEN !!!! See u BRA

  7. Third rd surf
    How come a HA native/legend /master was sooo inviting to all? How did the Da Hui or whatever they were feel about that? What is all the bullshit imitation about… I think they could look and learn

  8. ”Buttons had everything thrown at him. He was a classic example of too much, too soon, too young.” Absolutely correct & true about all sports, which physically or mentally kills a lot of athletes.

    Definitely the best & most talented surfer ever, far better than Kelly in terms of raw talent – remember, he’s doing all of this on a single fin.

  9. Growing up surfing, I always heard the best surfers say that the best surfer in the world is the one having the most fun. By this measure , Buttons was the best. Even beyond having the most fun in the water , he was years ahead of everyone else by the maneuvers he was pulling off. So much Aloha wrapped up in one person inspires us all.

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