SUP Stand Up Paddle Surfing Boarding – Maui Hawaii

Check out one of the first Youtube SUP movie clips.
Ivan van Vuuren (Founder of Coreban & owner of, during the making of 1st ever Stand Up paddle boarding “How-To” movie- Available at
Song: Surf Song by: Bag Of


  1. nice music mang I knew them for while on myspace I didnt think they would be famous this quick

  2. the most stylish standup surfing i have seen yet. wow.
    i am buying a board at the beginning of next year. this looks so fun…

  3. i've watched maybe all the SUP vids here and this is my favorite by far. ivan is truly styish and there's lots to learn from it all. keep it up! post more!

  4. Great video! Filmed and edited well, and the surfer was going ballistic! Who da guy? A great how to vid for high performance SUP shedding.

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