SUP Surfing Hawaii Rules from a Hawaii Real Estate Agent

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▶Need a Realtor in Hawaii? Click SUP Surfing in the lineup has rules you must follow, especially if you are visiting Hawaii. Zane Schweitzer Waterman of the Year and Stand Up Paddle Board Pro Surfer gives his top tip for riding waves in an Hawaii line up. Top Ten Tips and Rules for surfing waves on your SUP in Hawaii My first foray into SUP surfing ended with humiliation. I could barely manage to balance on my board-much less actually catch waves. Stand-up paddle boarders are encroaching on surfers’ ocean turf. … “The idea of gliding is really what stand up paddle boarding is all about. When you are looking at stand up paddle boards for surfing, you need more than just a basic board. Instead, you need a board that is built .

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  1. I always figured there was some kind of order in surfing . Observe and learn. Love Hawaii,but I can’t imagine not being able to wake up in the morning and driving as far as I wish. 🤔

  2. Good stuff. All the horror stories I have are from almost four decades as a prone surfer in the lineup. Not with me, but they just eat eachother. Got tired of all the hate and animosity, and moved to SUP to get away from the hassle of it all. Even now, sometimes prone surfers might show up in a small boat at one of my regular, more remote breaks. They're just trying to get away too, and they're always friendly and respectful, but if more than about three show, I'll just find another peak. Best choice I ever made.

  3. I'm always trying to give way and give way to proners and ask if they want the wave… if only some proners would pay the same respect.

  4. Great video Eric. We're always sharing advice on how to make friends in the lineup, it's so important. Good job.

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