SURF SHORTS | Kelly Slater surfing on the North Shore, Hawaii

2-min short surfing film “KELLY”, featuring Kelly Slater on the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. Film by @Jack Coleman


– Surfer –
Kelly Slater (@kellyslater)

– Film/Edit –
@Jack Coleman (@jack_colemang)

– Location –
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

– Surfboard –
Slater Designs

– Year –

– Run Time –

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  1. Still one of my favourite Kelly videos
    The smoothness on those big waves is so effortless. Which is no small piece of skill
    The greatest making it look so easy

  2. will go down in history as the best all around competitive surfer that ever lived. Is he the most stylish ? No , he is not. Can he surf big waves ? Yes he can.. He does it all

  3. Great surfer but Tommy curren still had better style and flow. curren would beat Slater any time when he was in his prime. Slater has said even that hairstyle was influenced by curren.

  4. Something quite unique anD special about this video……cant put my finger on it and i think ill stop trying.cheers

  5. Also can somebody re-release this video on a twenty minute Loop? Keep having to rewind it and it's a pain in the ass. This is the most cultivated and stylish surfing I've ever seen. Absolutely beautiful, it's pure art

  6. I always watch amazed riding the heavy waves with heavy music like SoaD or Delta Parole or with relaxing music videos in background. If crazy like then always heavy tho

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