Surfing at The Cove, Maui Hawaii | MicBergsma

Kihei Cove located in South Maui is a chill surf spot, popular for lessons and easy waves. Just wanted to share some footage I captured here. Enjoy!

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~Filmed by Mitch + Lori Bergsma
~Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac
~Intro edit by Erik Lauritzen –
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Aloha! My channel is a fun mix of How To Videos, DIY, Tutorials, Product Reviews, Travels, Vlogs, Adventures, my VW Bus, and more! With most videos focused on helping people learn how to improve their videography or photography skills with various cameras, equipment, and accessories! I specialize in GoPro tutorials, Sony cameras, DJI Quadcopters, Apple iPhones, and more! I put subtitles on most of my videos because I am 90% deaf and I use sign language to communicate. I currently reside with my wife Lori in the beautiful playground of Maui, Hawaii. Hit the subscribe button to join me on my next adventure!

Surfing at The Cove, Maui Hawaii | MicBergsma



  1. Hello sir MicBersma, i want to have a memorable trip in Hawaii with my wife but i want to rent a jeep. Can you help me on this ?

  2. Hey information you. I plan go travelling to Hawaii Maui. When on Tuesday to I back to my home 4 August. So we can meet anywhere. Contact to me.

  3. Great job beautiful video 😉 i watched videos from your channel for the first time 3 days ago and it is amazing ! I'm watching from Switzerland 🙂 You are so passionate and your joy give me a big smile 🙂 You also inspire me to learn sign language to be able to talk to you and other people who have an hadicap like that 🙂 You have made your handicap a strenght, amazing to see that 😉
    (Sorry if there is any mistake in my comment, i'm not really really good in english ^^)

  4. Aww beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I’m landlocked and thousands of miles away but that’s where I learned to surf. Great memories! Thank you!

  5. Hey, you're not supposed to be home 'til the Bus is done. Are you playing hookie?? hahaha!! 😀 (I'm just playin' with ya)

  6. Never seen a shot of surfing from directly above before… That was pretty dope, and somehow makes a lot of sense out of the physics of all of it.

    Happy Friday, homie.

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