Surfing Big Haleiwa Lakey Peterson, Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks North Shore Hawaii

Professional Surfers surfing at Ali’i Beach Haleiwa North Shore Oahu Hawaii.

Enjoy amazing performances by Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson.
and Caroline Marks 10:14~
If someone let me know, I will so appreciate it.

#carissamoore #lakeypeterson #haleiwa #surfing #carolinemarks


  1. Brah you gotta keep da surfah in da middle a dah frame. Need more practice otherwise looking fun, but hate da current at dat size and bigga.

  2. ご訪問ありがとうございました~~~。遠くから撮影しているのに、とても高画質ですね~。こんなにじっくりサーフィンを見たのは初めてです。凄い!ポチポチしますね。他の動画も見させていただきます~。

  3. Wow! What crisp, clear, BRIGHT images!!! Sweet stuff!!! Plus you gotta love it when the ladies are out there shredding the waves as good as the boys!! They were rockin' it hard!!! Great video!!!

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