We found a giraffe in Hawaii! We also got to surf absolutely perfect waves for two days straight on the south shore of Oahu. Let me know what you think of the Koa Cam!
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  1. hey bro, big fan. could you say what board/size you’re riding in each video, wouldn’t take long but it’s always interesting to me. i know you’re a big fan of the ghost

  2. I love how Koa loves and feels for animals… I hate zoos also but these animals would not know how to survive if they were released into the wild

  3. i dislike zoos as well… and i also really really hate Seaworld because they kill entire families of orcas just to capture babies then babies traumatized and kept in tiny jail… so horrible (watch Blackfish)

  4. I did not know sheep could surf. Seriously the mask thing it is a hoax be an American and stand up for free air for everyone.

  5. If feel like you haven’t pasted in a while and you know where you should surf next? Bali in canggu or Ulu those are garnly spots!!!

  6. Diamond head beach is my favorite !!!! ….It was all gated up the last time I was there about a year ago so I could not walk down to beach …

  7. Mahalo Koa! Yes, to animal freedom! (ps check out the wild green parrot flock in Kapiolani park : ) Keep havin' fun!

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