Surfing Hawaii: Big Waves and Basketballs

Check out our friends at Freesurf Magazine who shot this amazing footage – and More info about this video…

What do you get when the Harlem Globetrotters match up with Hawaii’s #1 surf magazine? An epic ball-spinning-wave-catching surf session in the warm waters of Oahu’s North Shore. Before games in Hawaii (April 25-28, 2014), Globetrotters Bull Bullard and Flight Time Lang met with Freesurf for their first ever surf lesson. Freesurf publisher and current ISA World Masters surfing champion Mike Latronic paddled out to Puena Point with Freesurf ambassador Chris Latronic and North Shore surf school owner/coach Uncle Brian Suratt led the lesson on 12-foot surfboards. True to their athletic reputation, Bull and Flight Time caught wave after wave, showing talent and ease in the water, and even got comfortable enough for some ball tricks and spins while wave riding. A fun and memorable experience for both the Globetrotters and Freesurf, make sure to catch more of this humorous action on an upcoming Board Stories episode and in the next Freesurf magazine.


  1. Haha bull making a sand angel.they actually didnt do that bad espicially bull. even though he fell alot.Bull you and big easy are my favorite globetrotters ya'll have inspired me to not give up on basketball even when I get really mad and frustrated I just think about how y'all make people smile and I remeber when I went to y'all basketball camp last summer and I took what you (Bull)told me about not giving up no matter how bad I want to.Yall are amazing

  2. Harlem Globetrotters I love you. What you can do with a basketball is amazing. And to do it while surfing is unbelieveable. Keep it up and you will have a another type of winning game. Betty the Poet

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