Surfing Hawaii Outer Island

01.07.15 Surfing Hawaii Outer Island New Year Barrels. Light Crowd. Stoked. Magic Day. Thumbnail By Doomas Photos Mahalo for the show #KevinSuillan #MarkAnderson #AlbeeLayer #Goose #Randy #IanWalsh #TySimpsonKane #ChrisSimpsonKane #KaleoRoberson #IanGentil + More. Ya Boyz, Charging.


  1. That kook at 7:50 that dropped in on that beautiful barrel and just kept kooking front of that gem. I was laughing so hard at that one..

  2. what's up with that flagrant burn and no kickout even after you see the guy make out of a really deep barrel?

  3. cool video. good walls. But I think this wave is good for a long board. Those short boards were bouncing on those waves. My Meyehoffer 8.0 long board would of been ripping those wallls and making those sections that those short boards failed too.

  4. Great video. But that music sucks and robs the natural feel. sounds like some fat guy trying to squeeze a fart through his oversize butt cheeks!

  5. Esta pasao, en la ensena que se cruzan y que con gran habilidad se reparten la ola majestuosa y ambos captan sus ensenas personales impresa en su interior de los recuerdos de segundos.

  6. I am afraid of the water, but absolutely love this…makes wish I could be out there so bad!

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