Surfing Hawaiian style

(16 Jan 2009) SHOTLIST
Honolulu, Hawaii – Aug 20, 22, 24, Sep10, 2008
1. Wide of man surfing in the sea with strong waves
2. Wide shot of people sunbathing in Waikiki beach with a line of surfboards in the background
3. Wide shot of Waikiki beach, lined with sunbathers, with palm-trees and buildings in the background
4. Set up shot of Errol Kane II, President of Hot Spots Surf School
5. Wide shot of people surfing in the sea with surfboards in the foreground
6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Errol Kane, President of Hot Spots Surf School
“You know surfing is a total thrill, is a total rush and there’s a lot of things that come with surfing. You gotta paddle, you gotta get out to the spot, you gotta catch a wave, but the thrill of riding a wave is one of the greatest feelings in the world.”
7. Wide shot from the side of people surfing in the sea at Waikiki beach
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) James Aiona Jr., Lieutenant Governor
“Waikiki is known I think for the beach itself but really this is where a lot of the great breaks were in the old days and you could surf on a good day from way out, we call it Public’s beach, all the way over to the Hilton, and believe me that’s a long ride. That’s the beauty of Waikiki.”
9. Set up shot of legend surfer Clyde Aikau teaching surfing in Waikiki
10. SOUNDBITE: (English), Clyde Aikau, Legendary surfer
“I am known as a big wave rider. I ride 50 feet waves, 60 feet waves and I’ve been doing this for a long time 30-40 years and the only way one can be successful in doing this kind of extreme sport is to have the passion and the drive to ride these waves.”
11. Setup shot of Minnie Tyler, a surf student, practicing paddling before going far out into the water for a surf lesson
12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Minnie Tyler, surf student
“It was fun. Just paddling was hard and pretty easy, it’s just like, you just got to follow the steps that they teach you”.
13. Wide shot of guests being rowed on a man-made water vehicle at the opening ceremony of Duke’s Ocean Fest at the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon
14. Wide shot of guests posing for photos with surfer Clyde Aikau during the opening ceremony of Duke’s Ocean Fest.
15. Mid shot of Duke’s Ocean Fest sign.
16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Clyde Aikau, Legendary surfer
“The Duke was a person from Hawaii who introduced surfing to Australia and to California so along with Duke Kahanamoku it has been a sport evolving all the way up till today and yes it’s a real privilege for Hawaiians to enjoy the water, not only in surfing but in any sport in the water.”
17. Various shots of legend surfer Rabbit Kekai posing with children during an award ceremony during Duke’s Ocean Fest
18. Wide shot of entrance at Kaimuki High School in Honolulu
19. Side shot of students entering Kaimuki High School
20. Mid shot of members of the surf club at the Kaimuki High School unloading their surfing equipment from their car
21. Wide shot of Kaimuki High School teacher giving a demonstration on the beach
22. Zoom-in of members of the Kaimuki High School surf club getting in the water
23. Setup shot of high school student Casey Nuesca
24. SOUNDBITE: (English) Casey Nuesca, high school student taking part in the surf club
“I think it’s a great opportunity for us students because we had to learn surfing by our families and I think surfing in school has a great opportunity to become a professional surfer or just be a sole surfer”.
24. Pan shot from below of paddle boarding in the sea
25. SOUNDBITE: (English) Errol Kane II, President of Hot Spots Surf School
26. Various shots of water polo game taken from the sea

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