Surfing Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii – January 1, 2021 (RAW CLIPS) (4K)

Another round of northwest swell from the North Pacific hits the northern coastlines of Maui, a fair bit smaller and with added wind blows out most of the surf spots on Maui, bringing the crowd to West Maui at Honolua Bay. Most NW swells block the surf from reaching Honolua Bay because of the island blockage from Molokai about eight miles away. When the swell switches to a more northerly direction (330º+), or in this case keeps westerly but powers through the island blockage, funneling the swells through the 850-foot-deep Pailolo Channel exposing itself to waves like Honolua. Enjoy watching some world-class surfing on Maui!

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Video shot by Jake Houglum, all clips arranged in chronological order; reach out to me for your next shoot!